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For many business owners, selling their business is the most important financial decision and most consequential “liquidity event” of their life.

When you’re the subject of an IRS audit do you manage it yourself or seek an accountant? When you have a legal problem, do you attempt to navigate it as you go, or seek the advice of an attorney? So, when one of the most important financial decisions and transactions of your life takes place, do you hope for the best and proceed with your instincts, never knowing or understanding the real value and total marketability of your business?

This is why engaging an experienced Intermediary/Broker is important and valuable during the transactional lifecycle.

A singular Intermediary objectively knows the market, what the market is looking for and what it will pay!  Most importantly; for an owner – an intermediary gets the deal done!

Who We Are!

We are Business Intermediaries. Rex Rossi, and Premier Business Group are a Chicago and Midwest based “boutique” Merger and Acquisition firm with over 25 years of experience specializing in the preparation, marketing and successful sale of lower middle market and smaller, privately held companies. Our typical client profile is a privately held company with $1M to over $75M in top line sales, and $250K to $10M of adjusted EBITDA – in the Distribution, Service and Manufacturing spaces.

What We Do!

When preparing your company for sale, the Intermediary’s efforts will need to focus on several important areas, but the most important and what we concentrate on doing – is making your company more valuable and as a result, more salable.

Your business needs to become more presentable, marketable, desirable and financeable. Which ultimately means – more valuable!

We completely cover all aspects of the divestiture process that makes the selling of your company a success and the realization of a career’s dreams.

Why would I use you as an Intermediary?

My approach is based on my personal experience of utilizing an Intermediary to bring my company to market, and my many years of working with companies and their owners, of all sizes and types. I have personally traveled the roller coaster of emotion and psychological swings that come with the Transaction Lifecycle. I understand the frustrations of not hearing from people, the demands of buyers, attorneys and the ongoing responsibility to operate your business while this process unwinds.  These experiences have formed my approach and commitment to you – the client.

Our Goal:  Obtaining A Successful Divestiture – For You – The Owner!

If you have an interest in exploring going to market, you can reach us directly at 708.433.9410, or just need information, or just would like to forward our site and its offerings on to another individual, I would very much welcome the opportunity of working with you and/or anyone you might know, and to help answer the most important question – howtosellmybusiness?”

Rex RossiFounder and Executive Director of”.

Phone: 708.433.9410

see the FAQ page and question: How Do You, the Intermediary, get paid?

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