what is the purpose of  “howtosellmybusiness.com”?

To help business owners make their business more valuable and salable

When preparing your business for sale the Business Broker’s/Intermediary’s responsibility – or yourself – will need to focus on several important things, but the most important is – making your business more valuable. It must become more presentable, marketable, desirable and financeable. The following discussions are an attempt to cover all of these aspects in the Divestiture Process that will help make the selling of your business a success.

There are both tangible and intangible details that have to be addressed. All are discussed and explored within. Follow them and the prospects of successfully selling your business – for pricing, terms and conditions that you will be pleased with – improves considerably. Contact us directly at 708.433.9410 to learn how.

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when an owner is ready…

The business owner who woke up one day and said to him or herself, “I’m really tired of going to work”, or “this just isn’t fun anymore” –  is probably late about thinking to sell his/her business, perhaps  too late.  Funny, every business has a plan, a beginning and a course of action, but it rarely has a destination… an end point.   

You have a mission statement, but do you have a final goal / destination for the business…an exit strategy? Sooner or later you, or someone else, will have to sell your business. Do you want this to occur on your terms….or someone else’s?     

So when is the best time to sell a business? The best time to sell your business is when the business is generating its best profits – when you don’t have to or more importantly WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO. Why? Because usually it is then – the most valuable to the most buyers! Can’t say this enough, it is better to sell your business too early than too late, for ‘too late’ often means “not worth much”.

who is Rex Rossi?  founder and executive director of  howtosellmybusiness.com


Rex Rossi is Senior Business Broker and Exit Planning Consultant with howtosellmybusiness.com and Premier Business Group, a Chicago based Merger and Acquisition firm with over 25 years’ experience specializing in the sale of lower middle market and “Main Street” privately held companies. Premier Business Group and Rex Rossi comprise a group of M&A Intermediaries with over 100 years’ experience working with owners and senior management of companies in a broad array of industries in the Manufacturing, Service and Distribution spaces. The companies range in size from $1.0 million to over $75 million in sales.

In addition, Rex is the Founder and Executive Director of – howtosellmybusiness.com – a free, education and informational business site dedicated to bringing today’s business owner a unique, single source platform that covers many of the current divestiture topics and challenges a business owner encounters when they ask, …”howtosellmybusiness”.

He brings a unique blend of experiences including building an industry leading national retail company. He was the President and CEO of one of the first and largest ‘retail store’ logistical companies, Systemax Network Inc. They comprised a national network of over 1,500 parcel shipping and business service centers that covered 48 states which was headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin. In addition, he was the inspirational force behind the creation of – Systemax “At Your Service” Centers – a turnkey, branded, in-store customer service center for existing retail store operators.

Rex was an accomplished derivative and cash market trader, investor and hedge fund manager during his over 16 years as member of both the Chicago Board of Trade (now CME Group) and Chicago Board Options Exchange.

His breath and depth of experience covers finance, sales, marketing, business development, operations and client relationship management. He has worked closely with both privately held small and mid-market businesses as well as publicly held institutions. Fortune 500 and Industry leading hard and soft retail companies have retained him as a consultant covering in-store customer service center and service category development.

He holds a BA degree in Economics from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, Chicago IL.

You can contact Rex directly at 708.433.9410.


The Premier Business Group – Our Mission and Commitment as Your Business Intermediary

When you engage Rex Rossi and Premier Business Group in the selling of your business, you receive professional, expert assistance during each and every phase of the transaction cycle. From determining and helping maximize your company’s value to finding a qualified buyer – we work to obtain the most beneficial result for you and your company.

Our firm’s guiding philosophy is that our work product is effective, efficient and personalized service of the highest professional quality.

We are specialists! Each and every member of Premier Business Group has experience in all areas necessary to successfully conclude the sale of your business. Our firm has served Manufacturing, Service and Distribution companies in the Chicago and Mid-West region for over 25 years and successfully concluded the sale of hundreds of small and middle market businesses. Premier Business Group, as a combined group of Intermediaries, has over 100 years of experience in the divestiture transactional process.

The Premier Business Group approach emphasizes team involvement to achieve optimum participant communications, coordination and transactional responsiveness. Team Premier Members work daily with local, regional and national buyers and sellers. Our experience has engendered a network of attorneys, accountants, bankers, tax specialists, lessors and many others in the M&A universe into a unique collaborative advisory and transactional group that focuses on making your business presentable, desirable, marketable and more valuable. The result – a successful business sale for our clients!

Rex Rossi and Premier Business Group would welcome the opportunity of working with you and representing your company. You can contact Rex directly at 708.433.9410, or rrossi@teampremier.com or through the Contact page of this site.

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