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Why We Created This Site – A Statement From Rex Rossi – Founder and Executive Director: howtosellmybusiness.com  

Ph: 708.433.9410                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          rexrossi@howtosellmybusiness.com

“Before becoming a Business Broker/Intermediary in the M&A industry, I owned a business and used an M&A Specialist to aide in the process of going to market with our company.  I remember and have personally experienced the questions, doubts, concerns and worries that every owner must confront. This site is an attempt to offer those thinking about or in the process of selling their companies, the information, courtesies and collaborative support that I received when experiencing the demanding psychological and emotional roller-coaster that occurs when selling a business.  As a Business Intermediary, assisting people through the divestiture process, this site was designed to become a companion and a personal advisor to each owner who interacts with us.”

“The two, more critical elements necessary in personally managing the transaction process are patience and ‘how to’ information. We will always encourage patience and will continually provide the most current, best practice M&A information and experiences available. Our site and our Intermediaries and Consultants are here to help in any way we can. You can contact us directly at 708.433.9410.”

The vision for our site and our company

To become – for today’s business owner – the preeminent, next generation information and educational content social media company that creates a unique, single source, real-time social platform for a business owner who wants to know … howtosellmybusiness?

This new content platform will include compelling real-time divestiture experiences, best practice seller guidelines, critical sales process information, owner interviews, features, FAQ access area and scripted buyer/seller and ‘Transaction Lifecycle’ participant exchanges, as well as, powerful social visuals. 

In addition, our experienced, professional Intermediaries and Consultants are here to help, advise and support in any way we can. Call us at 708.433.9410.

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